Seriously Simple Seriously Delicious One Pot Pasta


Other than the cutting board and serving bowl, this was the only dish to clean! Heaven!

As a graduate student, I don’t have much time for cooking or baking. It’s a bit sad, but as I think I’ve mentioned in a previous post — Texas is hot — and turning on my oven only makes my house ¼ whatever the temperature of the oven happens to be. So I try not to turn it up to 400 very often anymore! I know cooler weather is coming, but while my boyfriend tells me about the snow in Colorado, I’m looking at a high of 91 today. 

Last night, however, I was craving some warm filling pasta. And I had a lot of italian-ish ingredients sitting around, so I decided to make up my own modified version of a currently popular recipe on Pinterest, the “One Pot Wonder”.  


Ingredients! Don’t you just love fresh food from the garden?

This recipe is pretty great, and as easy as the name implies. Just cut up whatever you want, put it all in the pot, and cook until the noodles are ready! My mistake was to cook the whole thing for too long, because my noodles started falling apart after the first serving. I’d recommend either cooking everything BUT the noodles for a few minutes (bring to boil) then add the noodles, or just turn the heat off once the noodles are al dente.


Full pot! Be patient when trying to get the noodles to fit, they will need awhile to soften up!

You can literally put whatever you want into this. Just keep the staples: ¾ regular package of thin spaghetti/spaghetti/linguini, 4 cloves garlic sliced thin, 4 ½ cups veggie or chicken broth (or water and add salt), 2 tablespoons olive oil, and a can of diced tomatoes (don’t drain). For my version I added: a quartered and julienned red pepper, 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar, 2 teaspoons crushed red pepper and italian herb mix, a couple extra cloves of garlic sliced thin, and finally I have been growing basil and arugula like crazy in my garden, so I included a large handful of each of those. 


Might take awhile to get the noodles to soften up because this pot is FULL!

After I cooked everything up and dished it out, I topped my plate with a bit of goat cheese. Because, I love goat cheese! Even without it, this was creamy, probably because you don’t loose any of the starch from the pasta by not draining it. YUM!! Just wish I had someone to share it with.. 😉



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