My new Austin home

I’ve settled in here in the sweltering heat of Texas, and it’s time to share a bit about my place. I LOVE living in a little cottage just outside of the city. I can walk, WALK, to the capitol building and UT Campus, make a point of running through their grounds a few days a week. Bars, restaurants and the infamous food trucks are minutes away. Best, however, is that I have peace and quiet at my little house. Surrounded by bamboo and hidden down a side road, is my new home.


Hidden in the bamboo


Front porch

In case you’ve never been, Austin is a pretty hipster town. Lots of people wearing minimalist clothing and showering rarely, lots of plants everywhere-lots of pictures of animals in dark glasses. I like certain aspects of the hipster style, but I do shower a bit more often I think. I will confess to painting a picture yesterday of an owl in glasses. Yea.

I’ve had some free time (understatement) since I’ve been here and have explored a lot of the town near me. I’ve been scouring craigslist for free and cheap items. Most of my furniture is craigslist, and the table and chairs in the kitchen are repainted/antiqued from a $20 set that was pretty banged up.


Living Room


IMG_7206            IMG_7195


Kitchen seating



Where the magic happens (or will, once it drops below 100 degrees outside)


North wall


Items collected from world travels


Shelving set into walls


Making use of my antiquing (see previous posts!)


My garden beginnings. Post on this to come…!


Succulents and cacti

So that’s it! That’s my home. I’m off to watch the film Prince Avalanche now. It was filmed nearby in Bastrop, which if you don’t already know was ravaged by a wildfire in 2011. This movie has Paul Rudd in it, who is great, and is being shown at a local theatre called the Violet Crown, one of those theaters where you can order wine or beer and actual meals. Oh and I can be there on bike in 10 minutes. I love this place.